Interesting iOS games and apps

1. Clubhouse

A sensational application that is heard even by those who have never used it. The clubhouse is not an ordinary social network without messages, videos and memes. People here communicate by voice in the “here and now” format. In the Clubhouse, you can meet celebrities like Ilona Mask or Oleg Tinkov, and you can get there only by invitation.


2. Le Ruble

Completely free finance manager that allows you to conveniently track all your expenses and income. The application provides many categories to quickly distribute transactions. There are also detailed statistics that will help you analyze the movement of funds. Data can be synced to iCloud or stored only on the device.

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3. Writer

A minimalistic text editor with support for Markdown markup. The app lets you customize typography, change themes and icons, create folders, and sync content across devices. Besides iPhone, Writer is also available on iPad and Mac.

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4. Thought Detox

A useful application that will help you get rid of negative thoughts that do not leave you. You just need to write down what is bothering you in Thought Detox and click the “Release it” button. The note will be nicely folded into an envelope and then disappear. The recorded content is not sent anywhere and is not saved, but simply disappears along with the problem.

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Thought Detox

5. BlackSight

An advanced camera with an improved night mode function that works not only on the latest iPhones, but also on all current devices. Using algorithms and long shutter speeds, BlackSight allows you to take cool pictures even without the use of a tripod. Manual focus settings, a timer, as well as smart white balance, support for JPEG and HEIC formats are available.


6. Light Alarm

Before going to bed, set the time and place your smartphone on the stand without blocking the screen (it will be turned off). At the right time, the Light Alarm will gradually increase the brightness of the display and turn on the flash to simulate the dawn. And all this accompanied by a pleasant, gradually increasing chirping of birds.

Light Alarm

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1. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

The most complete edition of the port of the legendary RPG with all available DLCs. Immerse yourself in an unbridled and truly heroic journey through the Titan Quest universe to save the world from the titans. Explore mystical ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylon and China, battling hordes of mythical creatures along the way using powerful weapons and dangerous magic.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

2. Pumped BMX Flow

A dynamic BMX simulator in which you will perform crazy stunts on endless tracks. Take part in daily races, compete in the leaderboards with other players, and spend earned points to unlock new bikes, characters, and obstacles.

Pumped BMX Flow

3. Puzzle Dino

A cute puzzle about a cute dinosaur who needs to be helped to find the way out of the maze. The poor guy can only run forward, and there are many traps and obstacles on the levels, so he cannot do without your prompts. Lay a route for him to collect all the eggs and go out to the teleport.

Puzzle Dino

4. Knightin ‘+

Puzzle-adventure game with pixel graphics and stylistics in the spirit of old consoles. Playing as a brave knight, you will explore dark dungeons and fight against ordinary monsters and bosses. And also solve puzzles to open up new abilities and the path to the next location.

Knightin ‘+

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