The game “Aquadisco” has appeared in the Google Play application store for Android,

the task of which is to build a personal palace, controlling the “aggression of the people”, “Open Media” drew attention. The user of the application is invited to try himself in the role of “a politician who goes to his dream”: he must “control the flow of finances in the country” and “show the dissatisfied who is dad here,” the game explains. According to the plot, the player can get money for the construction of the palace by increasing the “percentage of theft” in the country. As the palace is erected and income from theft grows, the indicator of “people’s aggression” begins to grow.


After the user erects the building itself, he is asked to provide the palace with all the necessary infrastructure and entertainment: from the egg processing workshop and the mudroom to the pool and Aquadisco. News about what is happening in the country periodically appears on the screen, for example: “The fires in Siberia led to a shortage of wood”, “This month, according to ROFLS, there are 5 more billionaires in your country”, “Other countries have introduced new sanctions against your country “. According to the plot of the game, all this news also leads to an increase in the “aggression of the people.” The player’s task is to have time to build a palace with an aquadiskotheque and furnish all its rooms before a riot occurs.


The application was posted on Google on February 12, 2021, less than a month after the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) published an investigation into a complex of buildings in the Gelendzhik area, on Cape Idokopas. The authors of the investigation named Russian President Vladimir Putin as the actual owner of these assets.

aquadisco Dashboard

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The presidential press secretary called this information “complete nonsense” and a lie. On January 30, in a conversation with Mash, the billionaire and close friend of Putin, Arkady Rotenberg, called himself the “beneficiary” of the palace near Gelendzhik. The developer of the game “Aquadisco” on the application page in Google Play is a certain Ruflok Inc. In addition to this game, the developer also released an application that allows you to track changes in the balance on a Bitcoin wallet, as well as a VPN service for smartphones. The developer did not respond to an Open Media request.

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