10 alternatives to Yandex Navigator.

Over the years of development, Yandex’s navigation program has acquired a massive army of admirers and critics. Our selection of alternative software is the design that can guide along the route no worse than the most popular navigator in the country.

“Yandex. Navigator” has long become a kind of talk of the town in the driving environment: it is either praised and recommended in every possible way or ruthlessly criticized – no one is indifferent. Some car owners openly admire the domestic Internet giant’s brainchild; others take the product with hostility and prefer to deal with third-party navigation applications. Everyone has their views on quality software and priorities in this area – this is not surprising.

For the Yandex. Navigator, it is relatively easy to understand the nature of negative user emotions. If in the old days (recall that the first version of the application released in March 2012), Yandex’s mobile navigator was a lightweight, simple and effective tool to use. Over the years, it became overwhelmed, overgrown with unnecessary functions, and turned into a weighty software package stuffed with advertising and lost its former attractiveness. That explains the high degree of dissatisfaction among the target audience, which increasingly expresses its constructive remarks about Yandex. There are excellent lots of navigators in Google Play and the App Store and choose alternative car GPS / GLONASS navigation systems. Let’s take a look at the most famous ones available for Android and iOS platforms.

Google Maps.
A free mapping application with navigation functions that do not need to be introduced to the general public is installed by default on almost every Android smartphone.

The strength of Google Maps is the ability to plan and route almost all over the world. The program rebuilds the route promptly, based on regularly updated information about traffic jams, accompanies the movement with voice prompts, warns of the need to change lanes, road events, cameras for photo and video recording of violations, the permitted speed, and also displays additional information about buildings and other objects on the map. It is possible to save plans in the device memory and use the navigator without an Internet connection. The developers honestly warn that the full set of Google Maps functions is not available in all countries and not in all languages. User reviews also add the fly in the ointment.


A navigation application with social functions that allow drivers to communicate in real-time and promptly inform each other about the current situation on the roads, cameras, traffic police posts, traffic jams, accidents, and other events. A group of Israeli programmers originally developed Waze. In 2013, the product became the property of Google, which paid no less than a billion US dollars for it. The acquisition allowed the company to transfer some of the project’s developments to Google Maps and expand its map service functionality.


Despite the acquisition, Waze continues to grow as an independent and free product. The program collects and processes information from more than 130 million users. Waze allows you to build optimal routes, avoid traffic jams, choose gas stations with the lowest fuel prices, view the location of traffic violation cameras on the map, and plan trips based on traffic updates. Drivers can alert other road users of changes in traffic conditions, including notifying the Waze community of recent accidents, dangerous road situations, or route changes.

“Navitel Navigator. 
Perhaps one of the most famous software products for satellite navigation in our country is offline maps that allow you to use the application without connecting to the global Network.
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Navitel Navigator’s assets include detailed and regularly updated maps of 66 countries of the world, route calculation taking into account multi-lane traffic, voice and visual prompts when driving, built-in speed control and notifications about radars, video cameras, speed bumps, as well as an impressive number of settings allowing flexible configuration of the program by the needs of each user. If you have an Internet connection, the application can guide you along the route, taking into account traffic jams and congestion, allows you to monitor the situation on the roads in real-time, monitor the location of friends on the map, and exchange messages with them. Unlike the applications listed above, Navitel Navigator is a commercial solution. To evaluate the product’s capabilities, the developer offers a 7-day free, fully functional version of the program. You need to buy a license key with a set of suitable maps to access the navigator.

The product has been developed since 1999 as an electronic directory of organizations with city maps and has subsequently grown into a full-fledged navigation application. Initially, the project was run by the Novosibirsk company DublGIS, which recently came under the wing of Sberbank, which acquired a controlling stake in the geolocation service.


The 2GIS database and maps cover more than 370 cities in 9 countries of the world. The program can plot routes taking into account traffic density, accidents, the overlap of streets and road infrastructure, timely inform the driver about speed cameras and exceeding the speed limit, and various events are requiring attention. In addition to this, the application supports the functions of cargo navigation, which allows you to build routes taking into account the dimensions, weight, and other parameters of heavy vehicles. To create routes taking into account the restrictions for trucks, the driver needs to change the mode from passenger to truck in the navigator settings and specify his vehicle’s parameters in the “Cargo navigation” section. 2GIS is distributed free of charge and can function without the Internet:

Another of the Russian “oldies” in satellite navigation, which, despite its venerable age, is still in service and is being developed by the MIT Geomatika company’s efforts.


Like the above-mentioned “Navitel Navigator,” “CityGuide” is one of the offline navigators that do not require a permanent connection to the Network to move along the route. The second distinctive feature of the product is the daily updating of map data, which is performed on the fly via the Internet without the user noticing and includes up-to-date information about the current traffic situation, whether it is overlapping streets and highways, changes in traffic signs, repair work and other events necessary for the driver. The application supports the download of both its maps, created by specialists of MIT Geomatics and partners of the company and free OpenStreetMap maps, compiled by enthusiasts around the world and covering the entire surface of the globe. Among other features of the program, we note the patented algorithm for choosing a route taking into account traffic jams and schedules for closing bridges and railway crossings, a means of informing about radars and traffic police cameras, the ability to exchange coordinates and voice messages with other CityGuide users, as well as call a taxi, a tow truck, technical assistance, and other emergency services directly from the navigator menu. Built-in Internet radio and many settings, in the wilds of which you can get lost. “CityGuide” is distributed on a paid basis. The trial period for using the application is 15 days.

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Sygic GPS Navigation.
Navigation app with offline maps of all countries in the world from TomTom and other providers. According to user reviews, the program is well oriented in the alleys of megalopolises and the intricacies of the streets of the settlements of the European Union. Still, in Russian realities, it often acts like the famous Ivan Susanin and gets confused when laying routes. Sygic GPS Navigation is in no way inferior to other navigators in terms of “stuffing”: in addition to the necessary capabilities, the program supports the search for the nearest charging stations for electric vehicles and gas stations with low fuel prices, knows how to find free parking spaces, inform about traffic jams and traffic incidents, helps to navigate when driving on multi-lane highways. For cargo navigation, the developer offers a separate Sygic Truck Navigation application. Everything looks excellent and outstanding. There is only one thing: almost all of the listed functions are available exclusively in the commercial edition of the product, the cost of which starts from 50 euros, which in translation at the current exchange rate in rubles is close to 5 thousand. Compared to the other satellite navigation solutions featured in this review, this is very expensive. You can try all the features of Sygic GPS Navigation for free for seven days. 


iGO Navigation   
The program maps cover the whole world and, for ease of use, are divided by regions – Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc. Maps of Russia and Turkey are presented separately. In terms of the set of functional capabilities, iGO Navigation is a typical middle peasant: route guidance, taking into account traffic jams, control of the speed of movement, monitoring of the traffic situation – nothing extra. There is no need to pay immediately for the application. The developer offers a 7-day trial period, which allows for a comprehensive assessment of the navigator and makes an informed decision about its purchase. In our case, for example, it turned out that iGO Navigation seriously slows down when drawing maps on the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone in 2016. No such problem was noticed with other navigation apps.

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Maps. Me.
Four years later, the product passed into the hands of Mail.ru Group, which in turn sold the project of Daegu Limited for 1.6 billion rubles. Maps. It is built based on the free OpenStreetMap geographic map and can work without an Internet connection – all you need to do is load the map data of the desired region into the memory of your mobile device. This approach saves expensive roaming traffic and allows you to safely use the application to solve navigation problems when traveling abroad. There are no frills for the driver in Maps. Everything is simple and extremely ascetic. Use this program free, but you need to be prepared for intrusive advertising banners and notifications,


(OSM Automated Navigation Directions). A travel and navigation program based on offline maps of the open-source project OpenStreetMap, developed by volunteers from all over the world. It is presented in two versions – commercial and free, which has several limitations.


A characteristic feature of OsmAnd is a system of plug-ins that allow, as a designer, to expand the capabilities of the product in accordance with the needs of the user. In a fully “pumped” version, the application can not only solve navigation problems but also keep track of the route, find nearby parking spaces, warn the driver about exceeding the permissible speed, overlay layers with various information tips on the map, for example, about the location of gas stations, service stations, cafes, roadside recreation areas, auto parts stores, and other infrastructure facilities. Also, the paid edition of OsmAnd provides the ability to receive hourly (!) Updates for all OpenStreetMap world maps. Overall, the product makes a good impression.

The application plans a route taking into account the situation on the roads – it knows about the speed limit at different sections and about traffic jams, accidents, repair work, and cameras. The latter, however, are reported by confusing visual and voice cues. For navigation, offline maps are used, which are loaded into the memory of the mobile device when CoPilot is first started. The product is distributed by subscription, the possibility of purchasing a perpetual license is not provided. The free, fully functional version of the program can be used for two weeks.


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Summing up the results.
An impressive number of products are presented in Google Play and the App Store that can compete with Yandex.Navigator. The assortment in this segment is vast, and the choice is complicated by the general similarity of software solutions and in terms of interface solutions and ease of use.

In order not to be mistaken, we advise you to carefully look at each program, study user reviews, evaluate all the pros and cons, listen to intuition and common sense. Well, as always, the 3DNews readership will provide all possible assistance in choosing the right navigator, which we encourage to share their experiences and thoughts in the comments to the review.

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